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Let us assist you in selecting a career path where you are happy and successful. Our assessments allow for increased self-awareness and career information, which can provide clarity, direction, and the confidence you need in your future career journey.

We have assisted over 500 learners with their career journey with a 100% satisfaction rating.

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Career Guidance and Subject Choice Assessments

Our focus is to gain as much insight into an individual’s career journey as possible. Our assessment packages provide a comprehensive and holistic measurement of:

  • Aptitude
  • Ability
  • Personality 
  • Interests
  • Career Maturity
  • Study Habits
  • Learning Styles
  • Workplace Values

Our client-focused approach means that our recommendations are specific and individualised. Your report is compiled by a registered professional, not computer-generated. We also pride ourselves on providing feedback sessions, to explore the outcomes with our clients on a one-on-one basis.

Why assess?

  • Provides clarity and direction
  • Eliminates some of the guesswork
  • Offers confirmation of your options
  • Brings light to alternative options
  • Offers an external, objective perspective
  • Reduces anxiety and stress regarding important decisions
  • Provides practical and relevant subject and career options successful and happy

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