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Psychometric tools are extremely valuable in the corporate world, in its ability to provide insight and to improve decision making. This testing is an effective and efficient means of selection, recruitment, development, and succession planning for organisations.

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Psychometric Assessments Could Lead to:

  • In-depth insight of a prospective employee
  • Identification of strengths and areas for development
  • Reduction in labour turnover rates
  • Improved employee-organisation compatibility
  • Improved employee performance and job satisfaction
  • Reduction in long-term recruitment costs

What do Psychometric Assessments Measure?

  • Integrity
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Reasoning Abilities
  • Resilience & Stress Management
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Learning Potential
  • Personality Preferences
  • Teamwork Orientation
  • Leadership Potential and Style
  • And Much More

Assessment Batteries We Offer

  • Entry Level Assessments (Data Capturer, Receptionist)
  • Mid-Level Assessments (National Sales Manager, Head of Department)
  • High Level Assessments (Executive Positions)
  • Specialist Assessments (Market Research Expert, Engineers)
  • Logistics Industry (Driver Assessment Profile)
  • Security Industry (Security Assessment Profile)

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What our clients have to say

“We use Objectiva Consulting to help us select new candidates but also to identify if the talent we have in our employment is ready to take on new challenges. Their service is convenient, quick and thorough. In cases where we consider existing employees for new positions it often highlights attributes we picked up on but wasn’t sure about, both positive and negative.”

Eben Uys

Managing Director of Mad Giant and Urbanologi

“Dealing with Objectiva has been a refreshing experience, the professionalism and customer service has been what I’ve been looking for from a personal assessment company for years.”

Sean Tasker

Business Development Manager at Mamba Security

“Extremely professional service. Very impressed. Seamless process. In depth great result. Highly recommend.”

Samantha Lapan

Assessment Candidate

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