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Integrity plays an integral role in any job, company and sustainable route to success. Some aspects of integrity that are frequently explored include: honesty, reliability & dependability, self-initiative, work ethic, transparency, consistency & predictability, susceptibility to pressure, loyalty and, rationalisation or justification of deviant behaviour. 

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Strategic Thinking

Certain positions require a strong ability to engage in strategic thinking. This is especially true of Executive positions that are embedded in complexity, ambiguity and long-term planning 

Reasoning Abilities

A few of the most crucial reasoning abilities include the ability to work with words, the ability to work with numbers and, the ability to problem-solve.

Resilience and Stress Management

The key to success in any job is the ability to cope with daily demands and, the ability to bounce back when your stress management resources have been depleted. This is especially true when the role is comprised of high-level responsibilities, tasks and requirements. 

Customer Service Orientation

Establishing and maintaining relationships with clients form part of many job roles and, has a direct impact on the company’s overall performance and success. Consequently, to ensure that customers are happy, certain employees need to have a strong ability to nurture, strengthen and manage client relationships on an ongoing basis. 


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Objectiva is a company founded on passion, integrity and the drive to make a difference. We strive to work collaboratively with each of our clients with the intent of adding sustainable value to the overall performance of the company. Our aim is to include our clients in the process, whereby they understand how competencies are mapped, how assessments are chosen and, how interpretations are made. We value transparency and consistency and aspire to work with each client on an ongoing, long-term basis. Our performance is strongly guided by Robert Ingersoll's quote, "We rise by lifting others". We would be honoured to help you optimise your performance by exploring what your human capital has to offer.

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