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What we do

Recruitment and selection assessments

We measure individuals according to the job description, work role and the competencies required to succeed in the position. Our online, innovative solutions are geared for all industries and all levels of work complexity.

Developmental assessments

We adopt a holistic and objective approach, gathering many points of data, areas of functioning, strengths and areas of development to gain a more comprehensive picture of each candidate

Career guidance

We are committed to providing individuals with the necessary tools and resources to make informed career decisions. Our specialised, tailor-made solutions provide clarity and direction for an individual’s future career path.

Personal branding services:

Increasing your employability in a competitive job market is crucial. We assist with job preparation through CV writing and editing, Interview preparation and online profile management.

Screening and vetting services:

We provide a range of innovative solutions to go below the surface and ensure your ideal candidate is the right fit. Credit and criminal record checks, identity verification, social media background checks and more screening options.

Why Objectiva?


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  • Make better decisions by eliminating the guess work.
  • Providing greater insight into various areas of functioning into an individual or candidate
  • In-depth insight of a prospective employee
  • Identification of strengths and areas for development
  • Reduction in labour turnover rates
  • Improved employee-organisation compatibility
  • Improved employee performance and job satisfactiony
  • Reduction in long-term recruitment costs
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  • Increase self-awareness
  • Explore tertiary options, requirements and prerequisites
  • Identify areas for growth
  • Reduce course/degree changes
  • Provide clarity and direction
  • Promote goal setting, motivation and time management
  • Reduce uncertainty and confusion
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Who we are

Objectiva was founded and established in 2019. We are a company founded on passion, integrity and the drive to make a difference. We strive to work collaboratively with each of our clients with the intent of adding sustainable value. 

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge in human behaviour and human functioning on an individual and group level. Our range of online solutions allows us to provide psychometric assessment services across South Africa.

Our Director

Bryan van der Harst: Director and Registered Independent Psychometrist

Bryan, our director and registered independent psychometrist, co-founded Objectiva in 2019. He has over 6 years’ experience in psychometric assessments. His expertise allows him to meet client’s specific needs and tailor the assessment batteries accordingly. He is also responsible for full oversight of the day-to-day operational and strategic elements of Objectiva.  

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